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A Book by Robert Nerbovig
The Robin Hood Virus-Discovery
The Second Edition of The Robin Hood Virus
The Robin Hood Virus-Discovery

F Pelletier says of The Robin Hood Virus
"Pickup a copy of The Robin Hood Virus and learn how some with skills and abilities are changing their world, for the better. Tracking with todays events in the world of cyber security and international intrigue, this is a fast moving tale of how the "white hat" hackers can change the world. In this cyber world the computer virus is used like the Crusader's swords of a bygone age. The sharp blade of retribution cuts and cuts deep. Just what can happen when individuals with social consciousness an agenda and a means to deliver all band together to change the world. Pickup a copy of The Robin Hood Virus and learn..Film Threat"

Gary says of The Robin Hood Virus
Wow! Bob, this is so timely, it's unbelievable! The CIA's got its tit in a wringer, the NSA is deflecting any knowledge of Trump's alleged hacking (having worked for both of them, I ain't believing either one) and you're proposal of a t.v. series is . . spooky. I'd watch it!

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