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A Book by Robert Nerbovig

Attempts to Steal the Virus

    Because of our continuing efforts to stop illegal activities by large corporations and foreign countries, we have become the target of several unscrupulous entities, foreign and domestic. They are trying to discover our identity and location. We have discovered their inquiries by intercepting emails on the MHC Hospital network. They are a group of hackers located in China. If it were possible for them to get their hands on our hardware and software they could create a major catastrophe the likes of which has never been seen before. We have entered their network and have determined their identities and their plans. We have setup an electronic transfer of their bank balance to our offshore account. We then immediately dispersed the amount into several of our other offshore accounts. We expect they will continue to determine who we are and where we are located in an effort to steal the device.


The Robin Hood Virus
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